As a good investment for the future, consider the development of your Company into a Franchise System. As A Franchisor, you benefit from selling Franchises in many ways:

Quick penetration of a bigger market without major investment by yourself

Revenues are gained from the sales of Franchises, ongoing revenue stream from royalties and probable sale of merchandise to Franchisee.

“Like minded” people join you for a common interest, which compounds the growth potential.

Franchise Development shall be done in a professional way to avoid having problems as the franchise grows. To be certain of having Franchise development to your advantage, make sure it is done by RK Franchise Consultancy.

RK Franchise Consultancy Franchise Development includes:

Franchisor Manual (guide on how you find, select, treat Franchisees among other useful information for Franchisors)

Structuring the Franchise (calculating Franchise Fee, Royalty, Franchise Infrastructure and Logistic)

Development of Franchise Contract and related agreements

Development of Franchise Offering Materials such as Franchise Brochure, Franchise Marketing Kit, Franchise Application Form

Franchise Website and being part of Franchise Webportal

Franchise Disclosure Information in accordance to DTI Bureau Order 1024 of 2010

Trademark assistance

Design requirements (Logos, packaging)

Office Services (Cebu and Manila)

Assistance in International Expansion (28 clients of RK Franchise Consultancy have Franchisees outside the Philippines)

Social Media presentations

Membership at FIFA Filipino International Franchise Association

Yearly Franchisor upgrade meetings

All other Aspects of Franchising

A Franchise Development Contract will be presented to you as legal version of the offer.

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